Today’s memory stash: Stacy Bogan creates ‘Trouble Tomorrow’


Image of visual artist Stacy Bogan painting Trouble Tomorrow, inspired by Lafayette, Indiana rock band June IND’s song “Trouble Tomorrow” for the group’s First Annual Meeting of Optimists art and music project.

In August 2018 our visual artist friend Stacy Bogan painted this portrait to be used for the artwork for “Trouble Tomorrow” and we filmed the process to be used for the music video.

But that’s not how it started.

Initially, this painting and video were a test run using a demo recording for “Ain’t a Lot of Love” to see if our First Annual Meeting of Optimists art and music project would work.

Our idea was this: we’ll provide the song, lyric sheet and canvas to a visual artist and they’ll interpret it into a painting. Additionally, we’d record a video of the canvas transformation.

Ultimately, Stacy decided to do another pass at “Ain’t a Lot of Love,” so we put this art/video on a shelf and reshot another piece. We released First Annual Meeting of Optimists Vol. 1 in November 2019.

Having the music for Vol. 2 ready, Stacy (along with artist Brandon Ahnert) rejoined our effort for First Annual Meeting of Optimists Vol. 2 by contributing their talents to “From a Foreign Son” and “Ok, Alright” in December 2019.

Our “Trouble Tomorrow” artist had to bow out, the pandemic hit and we were short on art/video to release First Annual Meeting of Optimists Vol. 2.

It took a little longer than we’d like to admit, but eventually we remembered having Stacy’s earlier painting/video on a shelf and repurposed it for “Trouble Tomorrow.”

Vol. 2 was released in March 2020.

Watch June IND – Trouble Tomorrow (Official Video) at

Pandemic thwarts recording plans, June IND releases new music instead

Well, that escalated quickly. Remember this (June IND to return to The Bombshelter in March to record new music)? We’re supposed to be at the Bombshelter Recording Studio recording with Dan Precision right now…

Timeline update:

  • Three weeks ago, we were still working on pre-production for the Vol. 3 tunes, planning how much food and bourbon to take to Chicago, etc.
  • Two weeks ago, we decided to pump the brakes and hunker down.
  • Last week we decided to release all of our Vol. 2 goodies.
  • This week (like, now), that happens.

Stay safe, everyone. Sending the best of vibes to you, the folks out of work and the folks still out working. If it helps, here’s some boogie:



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Like Vol. 1, we collaborated with our artist friends Brandon Ahnert and Stacy Bogan to create new art and videos for the Vol. 2 tunes. The First Annual Meeting of Optimists Video Playlist has been updated HERE or you can check out the new videos below.

Ain’t a Lot of Love…a teaser

This is a test of the First Annual Meeting of Optimists.

First Annual Meeting of Optimists is a multimedia art and music project by Lafayette, IN rockers June IND, featuring 13 new tracks accompanied by song-inspired visuals from area artists.

We wanted to take some time to explain the ‘song-inspired visuals from area artists’ element of the First Annual Meeting of Optimists project.

It all began with the idea of making a video for each track.

We reached out to artist Stacy Bogan about it, asking, “Can you paint the face of the person that this song is about.” 

If we remember correctly, she asked, “Who’s it about?” We said, “You decide.”

From there, we gave her a track and lyric sheet, purchased some canvases, met up at a park, and hit record.

What you’re seeing is a test, of course, but this allowed us to develop a procedure for when this project is funded and we’re able to properly record and release everything.

Stacy’s test painting also allowed us to experiment with digitizing it (allowing for it to be repurposed for potential album art, a stand-alone lyric book, gallery exhibition, etc.).

You’ll be able to hear this track & others from our new project LIVE on October 16, 6 p.m. at People’s Brewing Company at June IND’s First Annual Meeting of Optimists People’s Pre-Launch Party.

Help fund the project by having beers at People’s on 10/16 or by contributing at