Pandemic thwarts recording plans, June IND releases new music instead

Well, that escalated quickly. Remember this (June IND to return to The Bombshelter in March to record new music)? We’re supposed to be at the Bombshelter Recording Studio recording with Dan Precision right now…

Timeline update:

  • Three weeks ago, we were still working on pre-production for the Vol. 3 tunes, planning how much food and bourbon to take to Chicago, etc.
  • Two weeks ago, we decided to pump the brakes and hunker down.
  • Last week we decided to release all of our Vol. 2 goodies.
  • This week (like, now), that happens.

Stay safe, everyone. Sending the best of vibes to you, the folks out of work and the folks still out working. If it helps, here’s some boogie:



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Like Vol. 1, we collaborated with our artist friends Brandon Ahnert and Stacy Bogan to create new art and videos for the Vol. 2 tunes. The First Annual Meeting of Optimists Video Playlist has been updated HERE or you can check out the new videos below.

First Annual Meeting of Optimists Vol. 1 video trilogy, artwork complete

Our new video for “Your Neighbor’s Wallet featuring artist Brandon Ahnert is up on YouTube! The First Annual Meeting of Optimists YouTube video playlist is available HERE.

With the completion of this video, we were able to finish up the CD art for First Annual Meeting of Optimists Vol. 1. Check out the gallery below.

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If you have an earlier release of First Annual Meeting of Optimists Vol. 1, you can download the updated artwork HERE.

Updates on more streaming options, more videos and the release of First Annual Meeting of Optimists Vol. 2 coming soon!

Artist Brandon Ahnert Joins the First Annual Meeting of Optimists

It was a nice, cold/rainy November morning hanging out with artist Brandon Ahnert to work on “Ok, Alright,” inching us forward with our First Annual Meeting of Optimists Project. 

First Annual Meeting of Optimists is a multimedia art and music project featuring 13 new June IND tracks accompanied by song-inspired visuals from area artists.

As we did with artist Stacy Bogan, we reached out to Brandon by asking, “Can you paint the face of the person that this song is about.”

From there, we gave him a track, lyric sheet and a canvas, met up with him at his home studio, and hit record.

Connect with Brandon Ahnert on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

“Ok, Alright” is a tribute to Main Street, mom & pop, shopping small, buying local, and everyone busting their ass to make a living.

You’ll be able to hear “Ok, Alright” & more First Annual Meeting of Optimists tunes LIVE on December 21, 9 p.m. at the Knickerbocker Saloon for People’s Live presents: YEARS / JUNE IND / What About Jim.

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