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Neil McTavish records Justice Fuller’s violin on June IND’s “Come to Hand.” Chris June, Emily Larimer cheerlead (Photo by Dave Mason, ISPhotographic)

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Stream music from June IND, support Greater Lafayette Immigrant Allies

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It’s Bandcamp Friday! Grab or gift music from June IND, support Greater Lafayette Immigrant Allies for Global Diversity Awareness Month.

June IND planned for the Oct. 2, 2021 release of #HillsterHipbilly on streaming platforms, but…

June IND’s favorite cover songs: “Imagine” by A Perfect Circle

“Trouble Tomorrow” makes radio debut on 89.3 WHFR.FM’s Theme Attic Sept. 15

“Come to Hand” makes radio debut on WBAA’s Acoustic Blend Sept. 11

Today’s memory stash: Stacy Bogan creates ‘Trouble Tomorrow’

Lafayette, IN rock band donates $1,500 to community organizations through #philanthrocky initiative

Photo Gallery: June IND records ‘Come to Hand’ at REC Room Recording

June IND marks ten years since Chemcoma’s farewell show, releases “Come to Hand” featuring Justice Fuller

June IND, older and wiser, with video debut of a retooled song from their past

June IND appears on the Think This Way: Rick Mummey podcast to chat up ‘Come to Hand’

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Watch June IND featuring Justice Fuller – Come to Hand (Official Video):

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