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Like you, Chris and Emily are trapped on a rock hurtling through perpetuity. In their free time, they craft angry, wholesome sing-alongs that urge you to root for the underdog and give a damn about your neighbor.

June IND is an independent rock band from Lafayette, Indiana consisting of power duo Chris and Emily. Buy or stream original music and watch music videos.

Two shots of optimism are most welcome today, especially from Lafayette rock duo June IND. The band consisting of decades-long friends and music collaborators Chris June and Emily Larimer recently released “First Annual Meeting of Optimists Vols. 1 and 2,” two EPs recorded at a time when you could do that without trepidation. Under the guidance of Dan Precision (Rise Against, 88 Fingers Louie, The Mound Builders) at The Bomb Shelter Recording Studio in Chicago, June IND’s newest batch of anthemic tunes explode with captivating hooks and tightly harmonized vocals.

With June and Larimer’s hard rock roots ingrained in the DNA of the project, the EPs also represent an evolving sound. June’s guitar prowess is on display through layered acoustic and electric tracks on top of Larimer’s booming beats. The upbeat “Optimists” sound also frames their best lyrics yet. Songs like “From a Foreign Son” tackle our nation’s immigration and refugee policies while “Ok, Alright” questions a shaky economy and mystifying political decisions. June IND’s perspective is not heavy-handed or somber, however. There is hope behind grim issues, which makes it easy to be fans of these sonic “Optimists.”

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