Music friends pool resources, launch label-like cooperative

Music friends pool resources, launch label-like cooperative

Ah, music life: write songs, record songs, play shows and do miscellaneous hustling to fund a repeat of the process. That doesn’t include countless hours spent booking shows, maintaining a website and social media presence and keeping instruments in working order, etc.

Part-timers are also working day jobs to pay for food and housing while juggling music-related tasks off the clock. And they’re likely competing with their friends to be heard.

It’s a labor of love and it’s exhausting creatively, mentally and physically.

But it may not have to be that way.

Members of Frank Muffin and June IND along with solo artist Justice Fuller are relaunching NOISEtrends as a platform for Greater Lafayette, Indiana musicians to collaborate, pool resources and coordinate schedules to lighten their collective loads (and costs).

Established in 2013 by Hans and Brittany Rees, NOISEtrends was used to help promote and support their band Frank Muffin and their extended music family by sharing social content and coordinating local concerts.

A call from musician friends Chris June (June IND) and Justice Fuller in February 2021 led to a change in scope and the existing NOISEtrends collateral was offered up as a home base for the project.

From there, the team began meeting virtually every week; developing processes, drafting and standardizing messaging where it existed, rebuilding the NOISEtrends website and adding an online merch store, creating a content calendar and more.

This is NOISEtrends eight months in: ready for you to know about it with processes ready to be tested, refined.

From here, the team will release and promote new music, identify and share new opportunities and work toward growing its base and team.

Stay in the loop:


About NOISEtrend

NOISEtrends is an artist-centric job-sharing, cost-sharing, cross-promoting cooperative of Greater Lafayette, Indiana-area musicians. Functioning as part support group, part music label, NOISEtrends seeks to provide a platform to compare notes, coordinate schedules and amplify the efforts of its members. The NOISEtrends artist roster includes Frank Muffin, June IND and Justice Fuller. For more information, visit or email

Photo Gallery: June IND records ‘Come to Hand’ at REC Room Recording

In addition to a couple of months of planning, it took 44 days from recording to release of June IND’s unplugged version of “Come to Hand,” a popular song from bandmates Chris June and Emily Larimer’s former group Chemcoma.

Recorded in “about three takes each” according to vocalist, guitarist Chris June, the Lafayette, Indiana rock band (including vocalist, percussionist Emily Larimer and special guest vocalist, violinist Justice Fuller) was joined by photographer Dave Mason (ISPhotographic) and engineer Neil McTavish at REC Room Recording. Mason and McTavish captured the recording session in picture and sound, respectively.


June IND marks ten years since Chemcoma’s farewell show, releases “Come to Hand” featuring Justice Fuller

June IND appears on the Think This Way: Rick Mummey podcast to chat up ‘Come to Hand’

June IND, older and wiser, with video debut of a retooled song from their past

June IND featuring Justice Fuller – Come to Hand (Official Video)

June IND, older and wiser, with video debut of a retooled song from their past


Older, but new: Hello, again, June IND’s ‘Come to Hand’

Today’s a big day for June IND, with Chris June and Emily Larimer set to release “Come to Hand,” a remade track from their days in the band Chemcoma.

The new rendition, the first from June IND since their “First Annual Meeting of Optimists” series in 2019 and 2020, was recorded to mark the 10th anniversary of the last show of their heavier Chemcoma. Older for sure, wiser most likely, June and Larimer recorded with Lafayette’s Justice Fuller on backing vocals and violin on this one.

Read more at Dave Bangert’s Based in Lafayette, IN newsletter.

June IND marks ten years since Chemcoma’s farewell show, releases “Come to Hand” featuring Justice Fuller

Ten years ago, our pre-June IND band Chemcoma rang out its last note at the Mosey Down Main Street in Downtown Lafayette, Indiana. No one has heard us play any of those songs since… until today.

With the blessing of our old pal Cody, we re-recorded an unplugged version of the Chemcoma fave, “Come to Hand” featuring our friend Justice Fuller on violin and vocals.

Check it out:

June IND featuring Justice Fuller – Come to Hand (Official Video)


Preview, purchase and stream “Come to Hand”

FWIW, we’re going to donate our cut via our #Philanthrocky Music for a Cause campaign


“Come to Hand” credits

Chris June: Vocals, guitar

Emily Larimer: Vocals, percussion

Justice Fuller: Vocals, violin

Produced by June IND

Engineered by Neil McTavish at REC Room Recording Lafayette, IN

Mixed and mastered by Dan Precision at The Bombshelter Recording Studio Chicago, IL

All music written by Emily Larimer, Chris June and Cody Hughes

Published by Chemcoma Productions (ASCAP)

Photo by Dave Mason, ISPhotographic

© 2007 Chemcoma

℗ 2007 Chemcoma Productions

All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.


If you’re still with us down here… we’re also using the “Come to Hand” recording experience as a dry run for pumping out more new music during this pandemic mess. There are still seven unreleased First Annual Meeting of Optimists tracks that we need to put inside your ears. Stay tuned.

-Chris and Emily

P.S. We offered to plug Cody’s cool, new band, but he didn’t think it was necessary. Anyway, if you want to look them up, it rhymes with Fight Likes In. 😘😘


Clock’s ticking, let’s crank up more June IND streams for Food Finders

June IND (with special guest Justice Fuller) performs an unplugged streaming show to raise funds for Food Finders Food Bank.

Clock’s ticking, let’s crank up more June IND streams for Food Finders

There are two really important things on the June IND to-do list for the morning of Thursday, October 1, 2020:

  • We’re going to calculate how many sales, streams and tips we had for September.
  • We’re going to send all of that money to Food Finders Food Bank.

We’d like to make that amount as large as possible and could use a hand (or ears):

Three minutes, a dollar or five will be supporting Food Finders’s efforts to provide food for people in need and to educate, advocate, and address food insecurity in North Central Indiana.

If you can help make our music work for the community, the links are between the lines above.

You can also donate directly to Food Finders and sign up to volunteer here:

Thank you.

– Chris and Emily