Please unwrap that CD and give the neighborhood some hell.

June-IND-Carnahan-Hall-#HillsterHipbilly-CD-Release-Jimmy-Ramos-CompPhotos by Jimmy Ramos (Yim.James on IG)

Please unwrap that CD and give the neighborhood some hell.

Tear down, close your tab, pack the van, pound water, eat a late night breakfast, unload the van, try to sleep, merch inventory, misc. accounting, update the contact list, follow peeps on Instagram & Twitter, and, finally, a thank you blog post… it’s a post-show ritual of a weekend warrior.

Combined with the multi-month, pre-show ritual of booking, writing/sending press releases, hanging posters, developing social content, scheduling posts, practicing, loading, setting up, etc., it’s all a damn good reminder that you better enjoy every second of every show that you play.


Thank you Carnahan Hall for the space & sippies, Kenny for the sound, The Clutter & iamlion for the rock, Citizens for Civil Rights for signing up folks to vote, Dave for bringing pics, Jimmy for taking live pics, the IND gals for handling the IND store, Stout for handling door, Domenica & Erik for the promo help, and everyone that helped us celebrate the #HillsterHipbilly release.

We really hope everyone had a great time and made it home ok. If you didn’t personally receive a hug or handshake from us at the show, we owe you two next time.

Please unwrap that CD and give the neighborhood some hell.

See you at the next one?


About #HillsterHipbilly… a CD that you can’t buy.

Produced by June IND
Engineered by Matt Amos (Cocaine Wolves) and Dish
Guitars Recorded at basEMent (West Lafayette, IN), 479ghett0 (Lafayette, IN), Sound Logic (Lafayette, IN), and The Bombshelter Recording Studio (Chicago, IL)
Bass and Vocals Recorded at basEMent (West Lafayette, IN)
Drums Recorded at IND HQ (Lafayette, IN)
Mixed and Mastered by Dan Precision at The Bombshelter Recording Studio (Chicago, IL)
All music written and performed by Chris June, Drew Luigs, and Emily Larimer
Special thanks to Chris Parker for helping push “My Rx” in the right direction and to Jeff Anderson for sharing your toys!
Published by Self Made God Music (ASCAP), Drew Luigs Music (ASCAP), Tempest Fare Music (ASCAP)
Photography by Dave Mason,
Art Direction and Design by rikx,
@JuneIND //

04.17.14 Shows

June IND-Live-Hunter's Pub Down Under-Lafayette-Indiana

Thanks to Zack from Kickstart the Heart for grabbing this pic!

One down and a few to go! (so, I guess we better get to booking)

Last Saturday’s unplugged show and Hunter’s was tons of fun. Thanks to those of you that made it out. You made new faces feel a little more comfortable until their drinks kicked in. 🙂

June IND-Setlist-Hunter's Pub Down Under-Lafayette-Indiana-041214

Here are a few of my favorite quotes that I managed to overhear between songs or over the quiet parts:

Coming in at #3…

“WHOA, are they really playing this?!?”

We sure were!

It was hard to pick, but at #2…

“I can’t believe Drew is still playing this show after having his wisdom teeth removed on Thursday.”

Yeah, Drew is solid.

Finally, my favorite at #1…


To answer that, we aren’t really keeping this a secret.

If you’re not keeping it a secret either, please like, share, follow, favorite, and retweet at will (if you’re viewing this at, those social links will be on the left and right sides of the screen).

So, we’ll see you on May 3rd in Evansville at Ri Ra Irish Pub… perhaps one day sooner in Indianapolis if we get our connecting show booked!

Take care!!


03.02.14 Shows

June IND-Live-96.5-WAZY-HOMEvent-022614

A crazy week and a crazy month has passed.

We’re cool with that.

On Wednesday, Drew and I woke up bright and early to plug our show at RedSeven for HOMEvent (to help raise funds for local non-profit, HomesteadCS) on Z96.5 WAZY. Later that evening, Em joined us and we had at least 2.5 blasts jamming unplugged with our friends Jason Wells and Kickstart the Heart!

So far, when giving the audience the option of a closing song, the tally is Nine Inch Nails 1, Beatles 0. 🙂

We added several new shows to the CALENDAR this week too. In the next few months, we’ll see you guys at Hunter’s Pub Down Under, Ri Ra Irish Pub, People’s Brewing Company, and Camp & Jam! <— CLICK to RSVP & SHARE

We’re still looking to add shows, though. If you’re booking or know of a fun place to play, shoot us a message on the BOOKING page.

Have a great week!


02.16.14 Shows


We’re gearing up to play the *rescheduled* HOMEvent at RedSeven Bar & Grill on Wednesday, February 26th! This is a FREE show, but 20% of sales benefit local nonprofit, HomesteadCS. Starting at 8pm, we’ll be splitting sets with our friends Kickstart the Heart and Jason Wells. Since this is happening on the bar side, only 21+ can get up-close.

Also, Camp & Jam 2014 is coming up on June 6th, 7th, and 8th and we couldn’t be more excited! The last two years have been BLASTS. We played both acoustic and electric sets in 2012 and 2013, but this year we’ll stick campfire jams.

Until we get a formal calendar put together, everything will be posted HERE.

Know of a show or a club looking to book? Tell them about June IND and to message us through the BOOKING page!