Five-ish folks get music on the house for the fifth

Album cover for Turf Wars by the Joedai Warriors which includes the song “Grass Ain’t Always Greener” featuring Lafayette, Indiana rock band June IND. Cover painting and graphic design by Dan Annarino.

Desktop and laptop rockers, treat yourself. Five-ish of you can score music downloads of “Grass Ain’t Always Greener” on the house today. We say five-ish because any of these codes may work more than once. Cheers!

On mobile? Better results may occur if you switch to desktop or laptop for this… or you can opt to stream these songs on Apple Music, Spotify or YouTube instead.

Copy a code below and click its link to the June IND Bandcamp page to redeem:

Here’s a key if it helps:

Thanks for listening!

-Chris and Emily

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