FIVE FOUR THREE TWO WAIT, what did we accomplish in 2022?

June IND went to eleven last year (eleven years, that is).

Before we get too far into our 2023 to-do list, here’s a list of 2022 musical happenings you may have missed:

New Joedai Warriors album available Jan. 6 includes track featuring June IND


January 3, 2022 – After a series of pandemic-induced setbacks, June IND repays a favor to Joe Peters by providing vocals for “Grass Ain’t Always Greener,” a song on the upcoming Joedai Warriors album Turf Wars. Read more.

There Are No Words: June IND to release album June 3


May 29, 2022 – Lafayette, Indiana rock band June IND is scheduled to release There Are No Words on Friday, June 3. Read more.

Friends and Optimists, Hipbillies and anonymous: a #philanthrocky recap


September 7, 2022 – A cool thing happened last night and June IND wants to say thanks. Our *gestures to everyone* #philanthrocky music for a cause initiative exceeded $3k in donations. Read more.

Health-willing, June IND returns to REC Room Recording for musical adventures


December 6, 2022 – Lafayette, Indiana rock band June IND is joining audio engineer Neil McTavish at REC Room Recording again to begin new sonic documentations of the group’s stockpile of songs. Health-willing, listeners can expect multiple releases throughout 2023. Read more.

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