June IND to return to The Bombshelter in March to record new music


We’re returning to The Bombshelter in Chicago in March to record music for First Annual Meeting of Optimists Vol. 3 with Dan Precision!

To date, we’ve worked with Dan on #HillsterHipbilly (2015) and First Annual Meeting of Optimists Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 (2019).

June IND release is a ‘best albums of 2019’ pick in USA TODAY Network’s year-end music survey

We’re excited to work with Dan again and look forward to sharing the process and results.

Are you excited? Help us get there:

  • Drink local brew, make music on February 11th
  • First Annual Meeting of Optimists Vol. 1 is streaming! Follows and streams and adding these songs to playlists are SUPER appreciated. “Ain’t a Lot of Love” may be perfect for your Sarcastic Valentine playlist, you know. 🙂
  • Join our Friends and Optimists group by giving us, like, five bucks: https://bit.ly/juneindtips.