04.17.14 Shows

June IND-Live-Hunter's Pub Down Under-Lafayette-Indiana

Thanks to Zack from Kickstart the Heart for grabbing this pic!

One down and a few to go! (so, I guess we better get to booking)

Last Saturday’s unplugged show and Hunter’s was tons of fun. Thanks to those of you that made it out. You made new faces feel a little more comfortable until their drinks kicked in. 🙂

June IND-Setlist-Hunter's Pub Down Under-Lafayette-Indiana-041214

Here are a few of my favorite quotes that I managed to overhear between songs or over the quiet parts:

Coming in at #3…

“WHOA, are they really playing this?!?”

We sure were!

It was hard to pick, but at #2…

“I can’t believe Drew is still playing this show after having his wisdom teeth removed on Thursday.”

Yeah, Drew is solid.

Finally, my favorite at #1…


To answer that, we aren’t really keeping this a secret.

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So, we’ll see you on May 3rd in Evansville at Ri Ra Irish Pub… perhaps one day sooner in Indianapolis if we get our connecting show booked!

Take care!!