Why music from June IND will continue to be available on Spotify


Why music from June IND will continue to be available on Spotify

Lafayette, Indiana rock band prepared to ride platform into the ground, donate streams to local orgs

We’ve seen it on the news and social media. Artists are pulling their music catalogues from Spotify in protest of, in our opinion, a popular idiot. June IND will keep its music on the platform and here’s why:

Spotify makes money from paid subscriptions and advertising. Canceling subscriptions and committing to not buying from any business that advertises there may be better forms of protest.

If you keep your account and put our music on repeat, we’re donating those funds to local organizations through our #philanthrocky music for a cause campaign. To be specific: when you listen to June IND music on Spotify, we are taking money from the company (and streams away from, in our opinion, the popular idiot) and giving those funds to local organizations that make positive impacts in our community.

If you move to another platform, you can find our music on Apple Music, YouTube Music and probably every other streaming site. We will also take money from them and give it to local organizations.

You can also listen to our music ad free by naming your price and purchasing it from Bandcamp. We will also give that money to local organizations.

-Chris and Emily

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