June IND’s favorite cover songs: ‘Addicted To Love’ by Florence + The Machine

Lafayette, Indiana rock band June IND’s favorite cover songs: Vocalist and guitarist Chris June and vocalist and percussionist Emily Larimer discuss their favorite tunes written by other people.

June IND’s favorite cover songs: “Addicted To Love” by Florence + The Machine

We are creators and consumers of music. While we’re partial to our tunes, we can’t ignore the good feels we’ve had or the musical influence that resulted from playing songs that we didn’t write.

So, we put together a list (and playlist!) of our favorite cover songs from past and present to share those good feels and influence.

Next up is Robert Palmer’s “Addicted To Love” by Florence + The Machine:

Em: I think this song was my idea and I always don’t want to play it, lol. It’s a cool song and we play the cool Florence arrangement of it. I just can never remember the words.

Chris: When Em suggested playing this, I immediately recalled watching the Robert Palmer video on MTV as a youngster! What a weird video… Playing this song live is one of my faves because all I have to do is hang back and strum. Em does a great job singing it and I get a break from yelling!

Here’s a video clip of June IND playing “Addicted to Love” at People’s Brewing Company on Oct. 16, 2018:


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